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Learning and Development Solutions Community

As Ning start to release more features for their new(ish) Ning 3.0 platform, inevitably network owners who are on Ning 2.0 are starting to migrate over to the new platform. However, on this latest project, it was actually one of the features native to Ning 3.0 that excited my client the most: groups. Yes, Ning[…]

Migrating from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0

Much has been written and said over on the Ning Creators community about the perceived deficiencies of Ning 3.0, and there have also been a couple of disgruntled early adopters who have migrated from Ning 2.0 over to Ning 3.0 and experienced serious issues. So it was with a slight feeling of nervous excitement that[…]

End-to-end data management community

Proven in some of the world’s most data-intensive industries such as media and entertainment, oil and gas exploration, satellite imaging, government research, and genome research, Quantum StorNext┬« 5 provides high-performance file sharing, tiered storage and archive for demanding content workflows, ever-growing digital libraries and massive data repositories. Quantum had a relatively large community of high-end[…]

Education Community Website Designer

LENScience Connect

LENScience is a cross-sectorial group based within the Liggins Institute and a member of Gravida: National Centre for Growth & Development. Their team includes educators, communicators, nurses and scientists; and their programme aim is for the effective translation of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease concepts for use in interventions in our schools and communities.[…]


A site in Mandarin – now there’s a challenge for an Englishman who can’t even ask for a beer in Spanish. My RichTown is a private community for business men and women who are looking for video tutorials on very niche aspects of doing business in Taiwan. Given that there is presently no video embed[…]

band musician forum


AudioSprout was founded in 2013 with the belief that serious musicians should have serious access to those who can help them reach a larger audience in a professional manner, as well as content which will improve their likelihood to be heard. This network was designed so that musicians can share their music and gain a[…]

military veterans forum

Military Veterans Community in Arizona

Since Ning launched Ning 3.0 back in March, new NCs have had a dilemna: Do they invest dollars in their social network now, accepting that they are investing in an unfinished product, or do they wait and see how Ning 3.0 performs when complete and, crucially, stable. This situation has posed issues for Ning developers,[…]