PeepSo – the social network plugin to rival BuddyPress?

buy dapoxetine priligy europe A few months a new social plugin for WordPress launched. This plugin is called PeepSo and it turns your WordPress site into a social network. I’d considered writing up my thoughts on it back in July when it launched but then I wanted to give it a few months to bed in and iron out any gremlins.

buy prednisolone 5mg for dogs in uk Unlike BuddyPress, which has largely evolved over the last 7 or 8 years through the WordPress community, the PeepSo plugin is run more like a startup and is 100% self-funded.

The PeepSo plugin’s core features are pretty similar to BuddyPress, and Ning and SocialEngine for that matter, but has a collection of commercial add-on plugins for things like photos, videos, moods, tagging, locations, friends, and messages. ‘Groups’ are sadly missing from Peepso, which for many of you used to Ning and BuddyPress could well be a deal breaker. Groups are said to be on their way but as of the latest release, no sign!

The first thing I thought when trying it out was that it’s very clean. I’ve used BuddyPress for a while now and although out of the box it’s fine you do find yourself adding various plugins to it working as you want, i.e. in a fashion that users of social platforms expect.

Over at the demo site for the front-end of a network, you can see just how slick the activity feed is:

PeepSo Activity Feed


Peepso PhotosAnd it’s not just the activity feed that looks great. Photos look great in the various modules and streams that you can place them in and open in a Facebookesque pop up light box.

Much of the user experience on a PeepSo site seems to mirror Facebook, which is probably a good thing, although much of what will make your PeepSo site truly Facebook lite is only available as a premium add-on, e.g, PicSo (Photos Plugin), VidSo (Video Plugin), MoodSo (Moods Plugin), TagSo (Tagging Plugin), LocSo (Location Plugin), FriendSo (Friends Plugin), MsgSo (Messages Plugin), ChatSo (Chat Plugin).

So, you’ll need to spend a little to get the full feature set. UnderstandMeSo?

For those of you reading from a Ning perspective, and lamenting the lack of product development to Ning 3.0, you’ll be pleased to hear that PeepSo has a product roadmap and a community that encourages developers to get involved with suggestions and plugins. It’s like the good ol’ days when Ning spoke to their customers 🙂

There is a BuddyPress importer but currently no import options to get your Ning data into PeepSo so any transition will require a data pro to get stuck in, but I dare say that like all these new platforms, an opportunity will be sniffed out if (rather like Jamroom over on Ning) the powers that be see a commercial opportunity.

PeepSo. Definitely one to watch!



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  • Stuart Wooster

    Hi Richard,

    Have you any recommendations for a theme to use with PeepSo that works straight out of the box by any chance?



    • RichardPettet

      I’ve tested it with Zerif Lite, which is what this site uses (albeit a child theme), and it was fine.

  • Thiago Santos de Moraes

    Peepso has no forum, so it is not a real alternative.

    • RichardPettet

      You’d use BBPress as a standalone forum 🙂

  • FlamingTotoro

    SocialEngine looks like a good software to rival BuddyPress IMO!