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  • Russell Snyder

    Aloha Mr. Potato! Thanks for posting. How do you feel about this transition now? I am thinking of doing the same myself.

    • RichardPettet

      Hi Russell,
      It’s been worth it as WordPress simply has more options for my business. I’ve custom coded BuddyPress so it’s a private community and added a listings section to monetise the site. It’s working great.

      I also do this migration for clients, although use a mixture of the plugin above and custom reworking of the data files for a cleaner import.

      Good luck with the move.


      • Billy Mocean

        Is this framework an option for people looking to create a network from scratch? I was a one time NING Creator but left after so much frustration with their system a few years back. I have a hankering to start afresh but on WordPress / Buddypress. Better to email?

        • RichardPettet

          Yeah, best to email.

  • Brandon MMT

    Can I ask a quick question? That image you have at the top … is it Ning or Buddypress? I really like how it came out and I’m trying to figure out in the long term what platform I should use for my site.

    • RichardPettet

      That’s WordPress/Buddypress but my homepage has since changed.

      • Brandon MMT

        Mind if I just ask how you got that impressive activity feed? I mean I haven’t seen the ability to upload pictures, videos and files into status updates. It doesn’t look like any plugin I’ve seen, although I didn’t look too deeply into available Buddypress plugins.

        • RichardPettet

          That’s a plugin. Can’t remember the name to be honest, although I think it’s native to buddypress these days

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  • Kos

    SP May I ask just ‘who’ you used to clean up your json files? What site?

    • Travel Junkie

      I’m also interested because the import plugin is a total mess