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LENScience is a cross-sectorial group based within the Liggins Institute and a member of Gravida: National Centre for Growth & Development. Their team includes educators, communicators, nurses and scientists; and their programme aim is for the effective translation of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease concepts for use in interventions in our schools and communities.

The guys at LENScience had been running a Ning 2 site for a short period but weren’t entirely happy with the design and functionality and so saw the opportunity to rework the site around the new Ning 3.0 architecture as a good one.

One of the key aims was to get the site to represent the Auckland University brand. Branded media assets such as logos, watermarks and stock imagery were used across the site to reflect the vast sites they had elsewhere.


The community is a mix of private discussions, groups and member pages, plus public blogs and videos that are there to inform non-members of what LENScience do, how they do it and who can get involved.

Check it out here.

http://westkentuckyedp.com/education-training  What they say:

Richard both took into account our desires and artistic direction but also created elements we had no idea about to even ask for.  The result is an aesthetically pleasing, functional site of which we are proud to share with our community.  Throughout the entire process Richard was prompt with task completion and communication, involving us in each step and ensuring we knew how to work with the site itself.  His work is technically sound, he is very easy to work with, and his final product is both attractive and imminently usable.  We would not hesitate to recommend Richard’s web design skills and look forward to working with him again in the future.

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Science Writer & Designer, LENScience, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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