Coronado Time Ning Migration

Migrating a large Ning site to WordPress with BuddyPress

I’ve recently finished a rather large Ning migration to WordPress project so thought I would share the end result for those interested in seeing what can be achieved with the Ning archiving tool and a somewhat tortuous data cleaning and manipulation process. This local newspaper site for a beautiful island just off of San Diego[…]

Open Access Week Social Network Revamp

Open Access Week, a global event now entering its eighth year, is an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship[…]

SAS Business Analytics software Forum

Business analytics software forum – new responsive design website

SAS provide Business Analytics software for 60000+ customer sites worldwide. Naturally, they have a pretty vibrant and active customer community forum. Built on Ning 2.0 and with no current ability to migrate to Ning 3.0, there were two key objectives in the redesign of the current community: 1) to get the community site ‘on brand’[…]

Getting Satisfaction! Client’s Education Center on WordPress

Get Satisfaction powers thousands of active online customer communities, hosting more than 35 million consumers each month. Their customer ‘Education Center’ needed a revamp and to be more ‘on brand’ so an old friend from her time at Ning got in touch having seen my work developing and designing Ning websites. The brief was simple:[…]

World-leading wildlife conservation charity community website

One of my ongoing projects is helping to build a social network for a leading wildlife conservation charity. The private community is for PPA (Programme Partnership Arrangement) staff with the overall community serving three distinct areas within the the work that members of the site participate in. The design remit incorporated some pretty vivid colours[…]

Christian Social Network

Throughout my time working on Ning websites, building community platforms for clients and creating plugins for them, I hadn’t up until worked on a religious community website. There are plenty of them out there, especially on Ning, but they had alluded me as clients. So I was delighted when approached to work on a new[…]

Network of landscapers – migration to Ning 3.0

It seems as though not a day passes without someone getting in touch about migrating their Ning network to the latest iteration of Ning’s platform: Ning 3.0. Some are not ready to make the jump for various reasons: cost; lack of features etc, but some are ploughing ahead in the realisation that their Ning 2[…]

Learning and Development Solutions Community

As Ning start to release more features for their new(ish) Ning 3.0 platform, inevitably network owners who are on Ning 2.0 are starting to migrate over to the new platform. However, on this latest project, it was actually one of the features native to Ning 3.0 that excited my client the most: groups. Yes, Ning[…]