Coronado Time Ning Migration

Migrating a large Ning site to WordPress with BuddyPress

I’ve recently finished a rather large Ning migration to WordPress project so thought I would share the end result for those interested in seeing what can be achieved with the Ning archiving tool and a somewhat tortuous data cleaning and manipulation process. This local newspaper site for a beautiful island just off of San Diego[…]

Coronado News Website

Local Newspaper Site with Social Network Functionality

eCoronado is Coronado’s leading newspaper and community site. A passionate team of writers and community members post extremely topical news items relating to life on their ‘paradise island’. Key to the redesign of this site was the ability to showcase the many (many) adverts that the NC sells to local businesses. They have ads in[…]

band musician forum


AudioSprout was founded in 2013 with the belief that serious musicians should have serious access to those who can help them reach a larger audience in a professional manner, as well as content which will improve their likelihood to be heard. This network was designed so that musicians can share their music and gain a[…]

Supply Chain Community in Asia

Cha1n social network is run by the Global Supply Chain Council. The Council is Asia’s largest professional organization dedicated to furthering the knowledge, understanding, and career development of executives, managers, and professionals in the field of supply chain, logistics and procurement management. What they say: Richard has done an excellent job on Chain.NET, the social[…]