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SAS Business Analytics software Forum

Business analytics software forum – new responsive design website

SAS provide Business Analytics software for 60000+ customer sites worldwide. Naturally, they have a pretty vibrant and active customer community forum. Built on Ning 2.0 and with no current ability to migrate to Ning 3.0, there were two key objectives in the redesign of the current community: 1) to get the community site ‘on brand’[…]

Network of landscapers – migration to Ning 3.0

It seems as though not a day passes without someone getting in touch about migrating their Ning network to the latest iteration of Ning’s platform: Ning 3.0. Some are not ready to make the jump for various reasons: cost; lack of features etc, but some are ploughing ahead in the realisation that their Ning 2[…]

Learning and Development Solutions Community

As Ning start to release more features for their new(ish) Ning 3.0 platform, inevitably network owners who are on Ning 2.0 are starting to migrate over to the new platform. However, on this latest project, it was actually one of the features native to Ning 3.0 that excited my client the most: groups. Yes, Ning[…]

Find a Lawyer

Migrating my Ning site to BuddyPress

During the winter I had an informal discussion with a good friend who works at a large publishing company. That discussion centered on my legal community site Defero Law, a site I set up in 2010 on the Ning platform, and the possibility of his company acquiring the rights to the site. As it turned[…]

End-to-end data management community

Proven in some of the world’s most data-intensive industries such as media and entertainment, oil and gas exploration, satellite imaging, government research, and genome research, Quantum StorNext® 5 provides high-performance file sharing, tiered storage and archive for demanding content workflows, ever-growing digital libraries and massive data repositories. Quantum had a relatively large community of high-end[…]


A site in Mandarin – now there’s a challenge for an Englishman who can’t even ask for a beer in Spanish. My RichTown is a private community for business men and women who are looking for video tutorials on very niche aspects of doing business in Taiwan. Given that there is presently no video embed[…]

Coronado News Website

Local Newspaper Site with Social Network Functionality

eCoronado is Coronado’s leading newspaper and community site. A passionate team of writers and community members post extremely topical news items relating to life on their ‘paradise island’. Key to the redesign of this site was the ability to showcase the many (many) adverts that the NC sells to local businesses. They have ads in[…]

band musician forum


AudioSprout was founded in 2013 with the belief that serious musicians should have serious access to those who can help them reach a larger audience in a professional manner, as well as content which will improve their likelihood to be heard. This network was designed so that musicians can share their music and gain a[…]